Health & Wellness

E.M.S. Rams Health & Wellness Programs 

The E.M.S. Rams Youth Development Group began as an organization with the vision of offering a better youth sports experience than what was being promoted in the Ward 7 area of Cleveland, Ohio.  Those sports included youth football, basketball (boys & girls), and cheerleading.  Later, founder and CEO Heyward R. Prude III expanded that vision to address the complete health & wellness of the youth.

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, the E.M.S. Rams have established their new Health & Wellness department to focus on this new undertaking. Our new programs include:

  • The Warriorstyle Games – Created by Michael D. Alexander and Gena King, Warriorstyle Games was designed as a low-impact, low-skill, and fun way for children to become fit, learn how to make healthy choices, and be recognized by their peers in the process.  It is a tournament-style series of competitions that challenge the youth at all levels.
  • The E.M.S. Rams Healthy Kids Food Program –  With the E.M.S. Rams being a Food Pantry distributor, The E.M.S. Rams Healthy Kids Food Program focuses on making sure that all program participants have access to healthy foods for better nutrition.   This food will be offered at E.M.S. Rams facilities, mobile sites, and packages to be sent home with qualifying children.
  • The E.M.S. Rams Wellness Coach Training Program – With the growing epidemic of poor health-related conditions and lack of economic choices in our communities the E.M.S. Rams Wellness Coach Training Program offers the youth a chance to not only learn about living a healthier life, they will also learn how to make a living as a Wellness Coach while giving back.

Our goal is to spark the mind of young people into having a healthier and happier life that will empower them to build a sustainable wellness lifestyle and economic success for themselves and the communities that they live in. 

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