Education Initiative

The R.A.M.S. Education Initiative


The “E.M.S.” in the E.M.S. Rams name stands for Education Measures Success, a motto that the organization strongly believes in.  To take that belief into the realm of action, we have created The R.A.M.S. (Reading Art Math Science) Education Initiative.

The R.A.M.S. Education Initiative is based on the nationwide S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), now becoming S.T.E.A.M. (A = Art), model which was designed to address the need to improve not only science and math scores but to also generate a greater interest in technology and engineering careers.  These are important areas of life due to the high demand careers that they give birth to, which generate higher personal incomes, and the ability to produce critical thinkers/problem solvers.

Our initiative includes:

  • The R.A.M.S. Literacy Program (K-4) – this program uses the Horizon Reading Program which has been shown to successfully help children learn how to read or improve their current reading abilities.
  • The R.A.M.S. Creative Minds Program – creativity is a key ingredient in problem solving.  Our program focuses on utilizing the arts (i.e. writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, etc.) to encourage the youth to “think outside of the box” for viable solutions to the problems they and their communities face everyday.  Participants will also have a chance to work with our multimedia platform as journalists, camerapersons, writers, and more.
  • The R.A.M.S. Mentoring Program – we seek to bridge the generational and vocational gap by having current and retired professionals (i.e. electricians, plumbers, architects, etc.) spend time teaching the youth how to apply knowledge to earn a living and become productive members of their communities.

Our goal is to spark the mind of young people via educational development opportunities that will empower them to build sustainable economic success for themselves and the communities that they live in.

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