E.M.S. Rams has been a true pillar in the community. The commitment to excellence and to the youth of the city of Cleveland has been outstanding. We are proud to be apart of the continued movement to bring positivity and hope into the lives of our youth one child at a time. (Will Prude – Owner of Creative Print & Design LLC – Jacksonville, Florida)  
During the two years that I’ve participated in the E.M.S. basketball organization, I experienced many different kind of things. I’ve noticed that the organization is more than about sports, it’s about building ourselves, spiritually and naturally, and a relationship with each other. The coaches in the Rams organization have great care of the players. They always made sure that the players had transportation to and from practices and games, ate before games, and that our personal lives were healthy. There have been many times where the coaches have given me and other players advice on life. During the first year that I was on the team, I had an ankle injury prior to the season causing me to sit out that year. Though I couldn’t contribute to the team through basketball, the coaches never discarded me from the team. Nevertheless, the practices and games are competitive. The coaches help each player individually on how they can increase their skills and how they can contribute to the team. The Rams made it to the championship two consecutive times since I’ve been there and are planning to earn there first championship win. (Cqualif Hawkins – Senior Basketball Player)   
The E.M.S. Rams Organization of Cleveland youth is more than a kid’s football program. It is urban pride, represents leadership, self-esteem, & a mentoring program for are city. Gives kids the opportunity for fitness, commitment, while learning to work with others in a positive manner. Urban city kid’s receiving time with influential men & time out our streets & corners learning bad habits while putting their lives & future at jeopardy. Thumbs up to the Ems Rams. (Edward Davis, Diamond Cut Barbershop – Cleveland, Ohio)
The E.M.S. Rams have shown a dedication to the young people of Cleveland for over a decade. Their volunteer run athletics are able to meet the youth where they are at through sports. Through that connection the Rams mission goes above and beyond athletics to support the growth of the whole person. Their mentorship, athletic competition and team building have reached countless kids and teens, making a true impact in our East side neighborhood of Cleveland. A true youth development group, the Rams identifies the true needs of the youth, their families, and community and do all they can to make it happen.                                                             (Phillip Hewitt, Youth Development Manager St. Clair Superior Development Corporation – Cleveland, Ohio)